The Kids' Book Club Book - Reading Ideas, Recipes, Activities, and Smart Tips for Organizing Terrific Kids' Book Clubs

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We enjoy meeting book enthusiasts across the country when we speak to  private groups, and at conferences, libraries, bookstores, and book festivals. Please check our schedule of events to see if we’ll be in your area.

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Presentation Descriptions

For Adults

The Kids' Book Club Book: Reading Ideas, Recipes, Activities, and Smart Tips for Organizing Terrific Kids' Book Clubs lubs

Are you a librarian, teacher, community leader, or parent interested in starting a book club for kids?  Do you already run a kids’ book club and want to inject new life into meetings? 

Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp, co-authors of The Kids’ Book Club Book, discuss what they learned in conversations with hundreds of youth book club facilitators and members across America.  Gelman and Krupp will share the secrets of creating and sustaining a vital, exciting youth book club, including the nuts and bolts of organizing meetings, selecting books, and running discussions, as well as the creative ways that youth book clubs around the country are integrating food and activities into their meetings.  The authors will also discuss the evolutionary process of writing The Kids’ Book Club Book: locating hundreds of diverse book clubs across the country, identifying the titles that make book clubs tick; and working with best-selling children’s book authors to pair terrific recipes and activities with their books.

For Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Children

The Kids' Book Club Book: All About Kids' Book Clubs and Writing a Nonfiction Book

How do you get an idea for writing a book?  How is writing a nonfiction book different from writing fiction?  What did our research teach us about kids’ book clubs in America?  What exciting foods and activities can you pair with books like Because of Winn-Dixie and the Harry Potter series?

These are a few of the questions co-authors Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp address when speaking to fourth- and fifth-graders about their newest book, The Kids’ Book Club Book.  Using powerpoint slides, Gelman and Krupp introduce students to the variety of book clubs that meet in schools, libraries, and homes throughout the country, along with the exciting foods and activities book clubs experience.  Kids will have a chance to  participate in an activity from The Kids' Book Club Book as well as try their hand at pairing foods with books, just as the authors did when writing The Kids’ Book Club Book.  Finally, Gelman and Krupp will lead groups through the process of writing and editing, explaining how co-authors work together, and showing examples of edited pages at each step of the publication process. 

This presentation exposes students to many facets of a writing career, and introduces and explains the concept of kids’ book clubs.




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