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The goal of our site is to provide information about our book, The Kids’ Book Club Book, and promote reading among adults and kids through book recommendations, contests, and our newsletter.  To support this goal, we accept advertising on our homepage in the form of graphic banner ads.

The purpose of this policy is to explain the types of advertising that we accept on our site and the limitations that we impose on advertising. 

  1. We do not endorse products, services, or companies.

We have not evaluated the products or services advertised on our site or sold through our store.  The appearance of advertisements is not a guarantee or endorsement of those products or services, and does not influence the editorial content of our site.

  1. We clearly identify all advertising.

We use clear and consistent language and visual cues to distinguish advertising from editorial content.  “Advertisement” appearing in the top left corner or along the left-hand side of the advertisement is used most commonly to label advertisements on our site.

  1. We do not accept certain types of advertisements.

To help ensure that the advertising on our site is consistent with our mission of promoting reading among kids and families, we will not post any advertising that promotes tobacco or alcohol use, gambling, pornography, criminal activity, or racist propaganda. 

  1. We don’t share information about you.

We may share anonymous, aggregated statistical and demographic information with advertisers regarding how our site is used.  However, information in these reports cannot be linked to you individually. 

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